Sunday, October 29, 2017

NEW Granville Historic Images Web Site

The Granville Public Library Historical Room and NCCHP have pooled resources to begin digitizing their many images relating to Granville's history, and making them available to family researchers and historians everywhere.

Above: A Determined Young Girl (Unknown), about 1874,
from the Granville Public Library Historical Room, Barlow Album
This is a project with several opportunities and goals:

1. To help families explore their Granville roots and learn more about the amazing people who made up the Granville community.

2. To encourage and support the preservation of Granville's many historic homes and other buildings.

3. To invite everyone to join the effort by contributing additional photos and documents (in either tangible or digital form).

4. To "crowd source" information about the many mystery photos in the collection, and restore the stories that belong with these people and places. So brush up on your Granville history and contribute any information you can. It will be greatly appreciated by somebody.

This is a truly exciting project that we hope everyone will participate in, so please visit the web site and become a "Granville History Detective." Maybe you'll meet an ancestor face to face for the first time, or see what your house looked like 125 years ago, who knows. There's a discovery around every corner when you travel through time!

To visit the new site CLICK HERE. Please keep in mind that the site is under construction, with new images and content being added on a continual basis. Thanks!

If you have new information or images to add, comments, corrections, etc., please contact

Above: "Ripley Home" from the Granville Public Library Historical Room Collection