Thursday, March 22, 2018


The joint effort between NCCHP and the Granville Public Library Historical Room has reached a new milestone with the addition of many digitized images from the Historical Room collection, to Digital Commonwealth's massive state-wide repository of historic content.

The initial upload to Digital Commonwealth consisted of over 300 digitized historic photos from the Historical Room.

You can view all 322 (!!) by CLICKING HERE.

We wish to thank the talented people at the Boston Public Library who made this possible.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Over 600 historic Granville images have now been digitized and added to the Granville Historic Image Library! They include people, places, houses, events and many other subjects. 

As of today we have added our first oral history recordings consisting of a 1992 presentation by Ralph H. Hiers covering the various mills of Granville, along with extensive Granville history. The three-part presentation is a fascinating look at old Granville. CLICK HERE to link to the audio.

The project has also kicked off an effort to collect and digitize old family photos that are in the collections of people with a Granville connection (residents, former residents, descendants of residents, etc.). This was shared with town-wide via the March issue of The Country Caller. CLICK HERE to go to the Country Caller; refer to pages 8 and 9. 

Your photos and/or documents can be loaned to the library for digitization purposes then returned to the owner, or donated to the library's Historical Room. May Nobbs brought in some great photos that are in the process of being digitized and will be available for viewing on the site in a few days.

The Granville Historic Image Library project is made possible by a partnership between NCCHP and the Granville Public Library Historical Room. It is an all-volunteer, no-cost effort.

"Cheers!" A mystery photo from the Historical Room collection.
Does anybody know what this is all about?