Reference Room

The NCCHP Archives Reference Room is located at 42 Water Street, Granville, Massachusetts.

The Reference Room is typically open during normal museum hours and is provided for the use of archives researchers.

The NCCHP Archives Project also provides digitization services for old photos and documents relating to Granville history. This can include old school pictures, family photos, historic documents and so on. An appointment is encouraged to make sure someone will be available to do the scanning and/or photographing. You should also plan to bring your own USB flash drive for the digitized files. In general we'll digitize what can get done in the available time.

There is no charge for digitization but a museum donation would be gratefully accepted.

Also note that NCCHP provides a site for mystery photos in the hope that by sharing these images we can help "restore the story" that goes with them (who, what, where, when and why). If you have a mystery photo, document or artifact relating to Granville we encourage you to share it with the community of NCCHP History Detectives to see if anybody can solve the puzzle. To see the mysteries to date CLICK HERE.