Friday, December 14, 2018

PROJECT UPDATE: NCCHP Preservation of N&C's 1924 Ford Model T

In September 1923 the Noble & Cooley company purchased a brand new 1924 Model T Ford panel truck. It served the company well for many years and was eventually retired from service. Unfortunately it was sold and seemed to be gone forever.

Many years later Jay Jones received a call from someone who had taken a tour of NCCHP. The tour had impressed the caller, who explained that a few years after the tour he was looking for a Model T and had stumbled across a Model T with the faded lettering on the side, "Noble & Cooley Company." He reported that he truck was sitting in a field in Eastern MA., and maybe NCCHP might want to rescue it.

A deal was struck with the owner and the truck was quickly brought back to NCCHP where it has slowly been worked on with the goal of getting it running again.

In 2018 Brian Guarco of State Line Propane in Granby, CT. made a substantial contribution toward work on the old truck, which was then taken to Ralph Hermann at Antique Auto Service in Centerbrook, CT. Ralph now has the Model T running and driving. Jay recently drove down to Centerbrook for his first ride in the truck, which he estimates has not been run in at least 60 years.

NCCHP greatly appreciates Brian Guarco's generous contribution, and the fine work done by Antique Auto Service to bring the Noble & Cooley Model T back to life. 

Here's the progress so far!

Stay tuned for more reports on this important NCCHP project, as well as ways you can help keep the T rolling.