Tuesday, May 1, 2018


May is Membership Month and NCCHP Needs Your Help!

The best way to support the NCCHP museum is to make a donation, join, and/or renew your member-ship on Tuesday, May 1st (TODAY!)...because ... it's Valley Gives Day and all online renewals recorded today day will increase our chance to win some awesome cash prizes being randomly awarded throughout the day.

What if you're reading this tomorrow? That's OK, you can still use the information below to donate and/or renew your membership.

Why Donate To NCCHP? 

The museum budget is totally dependent on the generosity of members and friends of NCCHP who believe in our mission. Each year we determine which lectures, musical programs and events we can accomplish with the proceeds of the membership drive and Valley Gives Day donations. You have been generous in the past and we hope we can count on you again this year.

To go straight to the NCCHP donations page, click here

For general information about the annual Valley Gives Day event, click here.

Simply click on the link, enter the appropriate donation information and you are done! Simple and easy. Note: providing the (optional) demographic information will help the museum qualify for more prizes (most new donors, donors in multiple age categories, donors from the most towns, etc.), but is not required. Your tax receipt is emailed to you by GiveGab upon the successful processing of your donation. To claim a deduction on your US taxes, please retain your e-mail donation receipt as an official record.

After making your donation, please e-mail, FB or Tweet your friends, family and followers telling them how easy it is to make a small donation that can help the NCCHP museum in a BIG way!

As museum donors and members you are our greatest asset to help spread the NCCHP story to potential members and encouraging people to donate just $10 to help the cause. Last year NCCHP was awarded $750 in addition to the $3500 received in donations and memberships. Our goal this year is to raise $5000 and hopefully benefit from another random award.