Saturday, February 6, 2016

NCCHP 8th Annual Ice Harvest

The extraordinarily mild winter didn't stop NCCHP's 8th Annual Ice Harvest, held at the museum on February 6th under a sunny, deep blue sky. The newly fallen snow and temperatures just above freezing added the right touch to make it a perfect, comfortable New England winter day.

The pond ice measured around 3" so ice-cutting demonstration was cancelled but more than made up for as the Director of the Storrowtown Village Museum described the history of ice harvesting and described the functions of various ice harvesting tools. This year's turnout was on the light side largely due to the mild winter and poor condition of the ice, but interest was high among all who attended.

The other hit of the day was Blue Star Equiculture Farm's display which included two very beautiful and formidable working horses. Various demonstrations of the horses' working skills were held, followed by a riding demonstration as what looked like two very tiny humans climbed up some steps onto the backs of the two Goliath-sized horses. They walked around the Noble & Cooley parking area for a bit then charged side-by-side up and down the road in an impressive display of speed, skill, and poetry in motion.


Museum tours were held, and all-in-all it was a great day for those who came to the museum for an afternoon of celebrating "living history" and the community spirit of the farm communities and industrial villages that were common in so many New England towns. 

If you missed the event this year please make a note to visit Granville next year for the 2017 ice harvest!