Friday, March 25, 2016

Research Library Progress

Today was a good day at NCCHP, with 2 volunteers and NCCHP President Matt Jones putting in a full day of cleaning and organizing the archives on the 3rd and 4th floor of Building 15 at the Noble & Cooley factory complex. The goal was to make more space on the 3rd floor (thanks to Matt), and to remove objects and hardcover books from the 4th floor shelves that will be used to store archival quality containers of 100+ year old papers and documents.

The archives are a little like Cracker Jacks: "A Surprise In Every Box."
This box contained company records from the late Depression Era into World War 2.

More rolling hoop and drum parts appeared, some pressed tin party noise-makers (woo-hoo!), a huge number of small wooden buttons, some original drum artwork, and much more. But the important boxes will remain unopened until the archival containers are on site, then we will clean and transfer the contents of boxes dating back to the 1800's into their new containers. At that point the archives will start to look like real, researchable archives.

Original artwork, likely used to present new drum design concepts.
Versions of the Native American and air transportation designs went into production.
Copyright Noble & Cooley Company.

We welcome donations of sturdy ("industrial") metal shelving which is needed for storing books and objects. Maximum height 84" and should be free of rust. If you are in the Granville / Springfield /Hartford area and can help, please call NCCHP at (413) 357-6321 or email: with particulars. Thanks!

The ancient freight elevator, which was originally hoisted by a rope system, also put in a full day......

The crown block for the original rope hoist.
Imagine yo-heave-ho'ing an elevator full of freight up and down 4 floors.
The view looking up from the elevator platform.