Thursday, August 4, 2016


NCCHP visitors are probably aware of the Noble & Cooley Noble & Cooley Model T Ford which was discovered several years ago in a field in Vermont, and brought back home to Granville. The old panel truck had been purchased new by Noble & Cooley in 1923 and is currently undergoing a refurbishment to get the old relic running.

Plans are to exhibit the truck in the NCCHP museum, along with a "running gear only" Model T of the same vintage, so young museum visitors can see all of the major components and understand what makes a car run, steer and stop. What simpler vehicle than a Model T for understanding the basics?

The chassis display is a 1924 Model T, and arrived at the museum today. It will be on loan from a NCCHP member. So if you have any kids who wonder how a car works, bring them to NCCHP to see the chassis display. The Model T may be nearly 100 years old but the basic principles haven't changed all that much!

1924 Model T running gear/chassis to be used in Model T exhibit (August 8, 2016)