Monday, October 24, 2016

1918 Draper Loom Arrives at NCCHP

NCCHP welcomed a new addition to the collection of manufacturing equipment: a 1918 Draper loom. Noble & Cooley President Jay Jones and museum member Tom McCabe took on the task of transporting the loom from Hopedale, MA. to Granville. Matt Jones, NCCHP President, pitched in with unloading it and placing it in the building where it will be displayed once a suitable exhibit can be put together.

L-R: Matt Jones, Jay Jones, Tom McCabe. Unloading at NHHCP.
If the Egyptians could use rollers to build the pyramids, why not? (Carol Jones photo)

Here comes the modern technology! (Carol Jones photo)
The 1918 Draper loom typifies the beauty of late industrial revolution equipment design.
(Carol Jones photo)
Joyce Jones with the 1918 Draper loom. (Carol Jones photo)
Stand by for a future article about the history of the Draper loom. We are seeking contributions to support the creation of a suitable exhibit to feature the loom. As always, your contribution would be most welcome. Better yet, become a museum member! NCCHP is a 501(c)3 charity. For more information go to