Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 Ice Harvest A Resounding Success!

Perfect weather brought an outstanding turnout to enjoy NCCHP's 2017 Ice Harvest event. Blue sky, clean brisk air and temps hovering at the freezing mark made the day comfortable and refreshing. Young and old enjoyed Dennis Picard's ice harvesting demonstration which yielded excellent ice about 9" thick with only an inch or two of milky ice due to some thawing and refreezing of recent snowfalls. We thank Dennis for his excellent and informative demonstration!

Visitors also enjoyed tours of the NCCHP museum and much informal visiting and chatting. All in all it was the perfect day for getting outside and shaking off any mid-winter blahs or cabin fever.

Dennis Picard, Director of the Storrowtown Village Museum, 
and his able assistant setting up for the 2017 Ice Harvest.

Ice conditions were amazingly good considering the warm winter thus far.
There was a great turnout for the 3 hour event, with most people staying
longer than usual to enjoy the presentation and the excellent weather.
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