Sunday, June 25, 2017


Work on NCCHP's new Research and Digitization Room kicked off today. The new room will be conveniently located on the first floor of Building 15 and the official opening is planned for 2018. If you are one of the many who worked at Noble & Cooley back in the day, you may remember it as the box labelling room!

What is a Research and Digitization Room? There are two distinct functions:

Research Center: The room will be laid out to provide a comfortable place for researchers to view material from the NCCHP Archives. Because the archives are on the third floor in an unheated space conditions are less than ideal for spending hours looking over historic records and documents. The new room on the first floor will have a proper work space, lighting, a copier/scanner, and even a bit of heat to take the chill off.

Digitization Station: The digitization facility will be set up to make it easy to digitally photograph and/or scan documents, photos, artifacts and other items that are relevant to the Granville area and community. Our goal is that beginning in 2018 the digitization facility will open to the public and we will begin scanning historic photos and documents that are tucked away in local attics, barns and basements. Anyone who wants to have electronic files made of their old photo treasures, papers or artifacts will be welcome to bring them in for photographing or scanning at no charge. If you bring a USB flash drive you will be given a copy of the electronic files. More details to be shared when the time comes but that's the basic idea. Our mission is to make sure Granville's rich and amazing heritage is shared with the community and passed on to future generations.

Here's box labelling room this morning:

(NCCHP photo, 2017 Jun 25)
Here's the beginning of the Research and Digitization Room this afternoon:

(NCCHP photo, 2017 Jun 25)
Lots of work ahead to make this a comfortable, dust-free work space but it's a start. Stay tuned for progress reports!