Monday, September 11, 2017


NCCHP President Matt Jones was driving past the museum on a recent Saturday when he noticed two cardboard boxes sitting on the NCCHP front doorstep. Kittens? Puppies? Twins? He stopped to investigate and to his amazement (and relief) the boxes were chock full of old documents and photos relating to Granville history! The material ranks among the most significant donations to the NCCHP Archives to date.

We're still sorting and organizing the contents of the two boxes but it includes the Granville Valuation and Taxes for 1892, 1894, 1897, 1899 and many other years:

1892 Granville Valuation and Taxes Book (NCCHP Archives digitization)
What makes these records so important is the detailed tax information for each property owner, for example (you can click on any images for a larger, easier to read version):

1892 Granville Valuation and Taxes Book, example of contents (NCCHP Archives digitization)
More recent material relates to the Granville Village School. A few examples:

Granville Village School, girls basketball team? Date unknown. (NCCHP Archives digitization of David W. Pulaski photo)
Thanks to Ralph Ledger (who happens to be in the photo below) for identifying his classmates in the photo above. They are:
Top row (L-R): Patty Trip, Susan Nestrovich, Darlene Sandman, Wendy Hansen, Donna Blakesly, Jill Wackerbarth, Barbara Zambs.
Front Row (L-R): Debbie Duris, Unknown, Gail Carpenter.
So who knows the cute kid holding the basketball??

Granville Village School, boys basketball team, date unknown (NCCHP Archives digitization of David W. Pulaski photo)
Granville Village School students with Senator Ted Kennedy, date unknown
(NCCHP Archives digitization, unknown photographer)
A challenge to all NCCHP History Detectives: If you happen to know the dates of the three photos above, or have the names of the people in the last photo, please drop NCCHP an email at We think the first two pictures date from the same time, perhaps around 1965; the third looks like classic 1980's. Thanks!

The plan for this collection is to preserve the physical documents in the NCCHP Archives, and digitize it so it will be available on line for the enjoyment of anybody, anywhere.

Footnote: The thoughtful donors have been identified and explained that they found the boxes while cleaning out the attic and were on the way to the dump when they realized, "Maybe the museum would like to have this stuff?" The Archives project does not have a slogan per se but we are now considering, "NCCHP Archives: Last stop before the dump!"