Thursday, April 14, 2016

Today's Artifact: 1921 "Hoe Has No Equal" Saw Blade Crate

This item was moved to the archives today. It was used to ship a huge saw blade, around 4' in diameter, to Noble & Cooley from R. Hoe & Company, Saw Manufacturers, 504 Grand Street, New York City. Amazingly the 1921 shipping documents are intact and still attached. The value is shown as $132. The Hoe slogan is stenciled: "Hoe has no equal."

At least 4' in diameter.

Value $132. "Hoe has no equal"

"Collect" shipping waybill dated January 27, 1921

1884: R. Hoe & Co., 504-520 Grand St., NYC.  By George Edward Perine - NYPL Digital Gallery, Public Domain

504 Grand Street is now part of Cooperative Village, which includes Amalgamated Dwellings, one of the oldest housing cooperatives in the country.