Friday, April 29, 2016

Remembering Noble & Cooley Employees

Matt Jones, NCCHP President, had fond memories of several people shown in the 1938 Noble & Cooley employee photo (see blog post). Here’s what Matt had to say:
“In looking at the employee picture of 1938, it brought back lots of memories.

I worked at Noble & Cooley when I was a kid in the mid 1960's. I have very fond memories of nine of the people in that picture, they were still employed at N&C and I worked for several of them in different departments, where ever I was needed, or more correctly put up with.

Al Petersen worked in the wood shop on the first floor of building 14 and I worked for him when I was 12 or 13.

Charlie Drolette was the floor production manager and always had a peppermint candy ready for me.

Charlie Lees ran the shipping department and used to plow the snow in the winter with the company dump truck, a 1959 ford with dual wheels.

Trygve Petersen left N&C to be the town post master.

Charles Hansen worked on the 3'rd floor of the old drum shop building gluing skin heads onto professional tambourines. He was the grandfather of several of my classmates.”
A nice example of why the NCCHP motto is, “Keeping the Drumbeat of History.”