Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Today's Mystery Photo: Can You Identify Who, When or Where?

The following photo was unearthed recently from a family collection but unfortunately no clues are provided as to who the people are, where the photo was taken, or when. There is a little circumstantial evidence that suggests this may be a very old photo of Noble & Cooley employees, or employees of a different Granville area business. The family lineage associated with the photo collection is predominantly Holcomb and Rowley. It is known that members of those families worked at Noble & Cooley during the period this photo appears to have been taken (pre-1900).

Does anything here look familiar to you? Better yet, do you have the same photo in a family collection, with additional information? If so please email NCCHP by using the email address provided at the following link: http://www.ncchp.org/about-us.html Thanks!

Reminder: You can open a larger version of the photo by clicking on it.