Friday, August 25, 2017


The latest NCCHP mystery photo comes from the Gilbert/Holcomb/Rowley family collection. This time we're lucky because the "what and when" questions are already answered in the photo's border.

This handsome group is the Granville Methodist Choir (or "Quire" as spelled in the 19th century). The photo is dated 1888. So the remaining mystery has to do with "who." Do you recognize any ancestors? Have an old photo with any of these people in it? Or a list of choir members from around 1888?

There is a clue as to the identity of one person in the photo. The bearded gentleman with the tie, second to the right, seated, seems to have a baton in his hands. The choir conductor?

To see a larger version click on the photo below. If you have any information on the identities of the people in the photo please drop an email to Thank you!

Granville Mass. Methodist Quire, 1888. M.O.T. Coleman, Photo.
(Photo courtesy of the Gilbert family)