Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The NCCHP digitization project is continuing to make good headway, with our latest batch of industrial books and catalogs just being added to the NCCHP Internet Archives site. This collection is becoming a comprehensive source of information for historians, hobbyists, researchers, and anyone with an interest in manufacturing history. Not to mention those who are just plain curious and interested in learning new things about old things!

To see the NCCHP collection including the latest additions CLICK HERE.

Please note that you "flip pages" in Internet Archives simply by clicking on the pages to page forward or back, and if a page is too small you can expand it. If it is still too small you can use the "zoom in" feature.

The latest batch also includes the first digitization of a Noble & Cooley Time and Payroll book, covering October 1891 to December 1893. Is one of your ancestors in the book? CLICK HERE and find out!

Along with industrial history material the NCCHP collection includes a variety of interesting books about art, music and other topics. For example, NCCHP's 1923 Taber-Prang art book is an excellent example of popular tastes in art reproductions during that period.

Cover of 1923 Taber-Prang Art Company catalog (from NCCHP Collection at Internet Archives)
As always, NCCHP is grateful to the people at the Internet Archives and Digital Commonwealth located at the Boston Public Library, for their wonderful work on this project.