Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Drums, Part 4: Line 207 13" Drum

The final Christmas drum for this year's holiday is the 13" line 207 drum. This was the largest toy snare drum of the series and unlike the drums in Parts 1-3, this drum is constructed with the more traditional twine securing the hoops and drum heads, and leather adjusting ears.

(NCCHP photo,
Line 207 was the production designation for this style drum, which was available in 6, 6 1/2, and 7 thru 13 inch diameters. The "0" in 207 indicated it had two fibre heads. Drums offered one fibre head and one sheepskin head had a "2" as the center digit, and drums with 2 sheepskin heads had a "4" as center digit.

The following pictures may be of use to collectors and restorers and show details of how the strap, twine and snares were attached.

The line 207 Christmas drum is listed at prices ranging from $3.34 for the 6" drum to $13.96 in an undated N&C price list. The drum is not shown as being available in the more expensive sheepskin head versions which would have added from $0.36 to $4.26 depending on the drum size.

Attachment of the original drum strap.

Knots used to attach original twine (NCCHP photo,
Knots used to attach original twine, bottom inside of drum hoop (NCCHP photo

The snares are pulled across the inside of the bottom drum head and secured between the hoop and shell
(NCCHP photo,
(NCCHP photo,

Drums were not marked with the line number so the marking on this particular drum indicates it was used as a sales sample. The N&C sales force travelled the country visiting retail outlets, typically department stores, with large trunks that were custom designed to fit and carry samples of the latest drum lines. Next time you watch "Miracle on 34th Street" consider that behind those Macy's doors are some Granville-made Noble & Cooley toy drums!
Hope the holidays are enjoyable for one and all.
HO, HO, HO!!!!!