Friday, December 16, 2016

Noble & Cooley Catalogs Now Digitized In Internet Archive

The NCCHP effort to make our archives available to researchers and collectors digitally is off to a successful start, with the digitization of many Noble & Cooley catalogs dating from the 1800's into the 20th century. Many, many more books and documents are yet to be done but this first step is an important one.

To view the material digitized so far CLICK HERE. We believe you'll be amazed. USER TIPS: To digitally "open" a catalog and to turn the pages, just click on the image. It's also a good idea to maximize/enlarge the image for easier viewing by clicking on the icon for fullscreen view (it is the icon with the 4 outward-pointing arrows).

One of the more interesting volumes is a collection of notes dating from around 1928 to 1932 documenting the exact specifications of N&C drums and drum sets. CLICK HERE to see that.

We wish to express our appreciation to everyone at the Boston Public Library, Massachusetts SHRAB, Digital Commonwealth and the Internet Archives who worked to make this first step a reality.