Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Donations to the Equipment Collection (or, "More Restoration Projects")

NCCHP was pleased to accept two donations recently! The first is a vintage cordwood saw; the second is a mortising machine. The saw is from Will, a long time Granville resident and supporter of NCCHP; the mortising machine is from his daughter Sara, who has a very keen eye for spotting old machinery in need of a home.

NCCHP's "new" 1929 mortiser arrived in November, 2016. Thanks Sara! (NCCHP photo)
What does this thing do? How does it work? Cue the YouTube video to see a similar machine in action- CLICK HERE. Our machine needs the hollow chisel(s) in case you have any to donate to the cause.

This dangerous-looking thing is a belt-driven cordwood saw. It doesn't just look dangerous- it is. Thanks Will!
(NCCHP photo)
What does a thing like this look like in action? Put on your safety glasses, work gloves and ear protection, CLICK HERE and stand back!

As always, one thing has led to another. The cordwood saw was designed to attach to a three point tractor hitch, and then run off a large belt driven by the tractor's PTO (power take-off). This provided an excellent excuse for another NCCHP supporter to obtain a 1941 Ford 9N farm tractor which will be on long term loan to the museum beginning in 2017. The result should be a working example of farm ingenuity.

1941 Ford 9N tractor, estimated build date early December 1941 (NCCHP photo)
The 1941 Ford 9N tractor will be made more presentable and we are hoping it will join the NCCHP collection in the spring of 2017. This particular tractor has a serial number that indicates it was built around early December, 1941. The tractor is turning 75 years old, sharing that anniversary with the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) and the start of the United States' involvement in World War II.

NCCHP thanks it's generous supporters who have donated their time and/or artifacts to continue growing the museum collection. And just to show that we DO have standards, we turned down the offer of a free Studebaker pickup, which would be delightful if it hadn't already made significant progress in reuniting with the earth:

Some things are past saving. But kitty seems to think the trailer might have potential. (NCCHP photo)